Bad Plumbing

I have to go by Code Enforcement and get approval for plans to renovate the plumbing in a nail salon owned and run by young Vietnamese folks, which is the bizop of choice for these people, it seems.  I’ve never seen plumbing this screwy.  (It was done by an American, by the way, who now cannot be found.) The water heater is connected to two little shutoff valves (“stops”) that originally fed a lavatory faucet.  It’s an electric unit; it pulls 4500 watts when it is heating water.  It has no 240v receptacle.  Oh no!  They have it plugged into a regular wall socket.  It would be the equivalent of running forty five lamps, each with a 100-watt bulb, out of one socket at your house.  How they’ve kept from burning the joint down is a mystery to me.  An electrical engineer stood by me, looking at it and shaking his head and mumbling.  It’s even a mystery to him.

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