Chicken Genome Update

The International Chicken Sequencing Consortium reported today that they have sequenced and analyzed the genome of the chicken. If you don’t believe it, this cartoon, which is self-explanatory, will prove it:

DNA Cartoon

This feat is supposed to help scientists in their study of human genetics, since 2.5% of the chicken’s genetics overlap with ours. But you already knew that we were like chickens. For instance, they have feet, so do we. They have a head, eyes, mouth, beating heart, etc., and so do we.

And why are we so much like chickens? According to International Chicken Sequencing Consortium, it’s because those genetic elements were preserved for 350 million years while we and the chickens were evolving from our common ancestor.

The family resemblance is unmistakable:

Col. Sanders, the cannibal, never realized this. He probably thought that God created the heaven and the earth and put the chickens here for us to fry. But, thanks to Darwin and the International Chicken Sequencing Consortium, we know better. The old view, that we’re supposed to eat fried chicken, is now called “speciesism.” It’s now considered wrong (by some of the more consistent thinkers within the leftist intellectual movement) to think that your species is better than another, or that you have a right to eat the other species.

Behold, Mr. Potato Head really is my brother!


  1. Ironically, the only way a liberal can say that it’s wrong to judge one’s species as better than another is to start with that presupposition: in contrast to all other creatures, mankind has a concept of right and wrong and is morally obligated by it. On one hand the liberal says we are no better than animals; on the other he declares that we must respect their "rights." Which will it be? Either we are merely animals and therefore blameless (as they are) for eating other species, or we are different after all. They can’t have it both ways.

    In a Godless, Darwinian world there are no rights. Might makes right. In such a world, it would be wrong to show mercy because it only pollutes the world with weakness and infirmity. The ultimate good is whatever improves the gene pool. No one practiced evolutionary "truth" better than Adolf Hitler — he didn’t just talk the talk but walked the walk.

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