Head for the Mountains

My wife and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by making a quick getaway to Mountain View, Arkansas. It’s about three hours from Memphis, but it’s like going to another world and another time.

What’s different? It’s like stepping back in time to when people were a community. There’s almost no major crime. There’s not been a murder in five years. You can walk downtown without some dopehead mugging you. In fact, every night people go out to the square around the County Courthouse and sit around picking bluegrass music. You can walk around from group to group and listen, sing along, or sit in on the session.

I could write about Mountain View for days. Just go! You’ll see.


  1. Kevan,
    Not sure if you are even into this sort of thing, though ‘God knoweth’ that thou art trained very well for it. (Like the "King-James-ese"?) Anyhow, there is a contest for ‘short stories’ being given by WestBow Press and World Magazine. (World Magazine dot com would have all the details.) I am interested as this is my goal in life, viz., to become a nationally known author and apologist for the Christian faith.

    Second, glad to see you’re back bloggin’!

    Finally, Congrats on the 25 years! How many people make it even one year in today’s world?


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