Nutcase Alert

Man bitten while trying to convert lions to Christ. I don’t think he got this from the Bible . . .


  1. Kevan,

    I get it…this is a "metaphor" for unions. The "man" is the hard-working, self employed entrepreneur, while the "lions" represent those evil, liberty bashing union plumbers and pipefitters, so-called.

    I had to read this a few times before I actually got it. But I must say that when I did, I was astounded! I have never before seen so clearly the evils of unions, in general, as you have elucidated in this post. Thanks to your brilliant insights, this has now changed. And I, too, agree that the scriptures do not call us to convert the "lions." "And he which is filthy, let him be filthy still." (Thus saith the only true Bible. I mean, of course, the Most Holy and Pius Pauline Version, 1611–ad infinitum.)

    Oh, I still think that it is silly of the constitution party to want to disallow for a constitutional convention…regardless of when. But I am only a simple plumber. Further, I truly feel honored that I have a ‘blogo-buddy’ who is intelligent as you are. If I am ever in Nashville, I give you my word that I shall look you up…though on second thought, you may not wish me to. 🙂


    The first two paragraphs were a joke. (I know, I know. But there are soooo many people who don’t get my eccentricities.)