Poor Design

Yesterday I cleaned a sewer line from a basement: narrow, shallow, steep steps spiraling down through two landings.  What myopia, what idiocy, what sadism motivated plumbers to put the cleanout in the basement when it would have been as easy to put it outside?  The job wound up costing the customer $100 more that it should have.

A recent plumber had reworked some of the piping in the basement.  He glued the new cleanout plug into the cleanout, making it impossible to remove.  But the only reason to install a cleanout is so that you can remove the plug. Duh!

People gripe about charlatans in televangelism, but how many of those are operating?  A hundred?  There are many times more than that in the Memphis plumbing trade, and I suspect that it’s not a lot different in Omaha or Cincinnati.  They take the money, but they do the work poorly and it costs the customer more money down the road.

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