The Presidency

Adam Young has written a masterful essay on what’s wrong with the modern concept of an American president. Join the revolution; check out the Constitution Party.


  1. I hope that I am not annoying you by commenting on your site. It is my habit, now, to comment on the posts that I read. Anyways, here is what I wanted to say.

    About Adam Young, I have no comment. But about the Constitution Party, I do have something to say.

    I find it odd that the Constitution Party, "oppose[s] any attempt to call for a Constitutional convention." Now I do not know if you are a member of that party. Either way, I am curious to know if you agree with this tenet of theirs. I think that it goes against not only the Declaration of Independence, but also the spirit of Article V.

    Hope you and yours are doing well.


  2. Hi, Carl. I’ve appreciated your comments. You are technically correct, but remember that a platform can change from one election to another. I believe the present sentiment should be understood to mean "we oppose it at this time." Times could change and make it desirable, but presently it is not.

    (I’ve never been a member of any party.)

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