Thoughts on Business

Thinking back to April 14th, I recall that I waited until the last minute to prepare my tax return. My accounting is pretty rudimentary, so there’s every motive for procrastination. �How can one get excited about wading through 400 little receipts and coughing up $5,000?

Big government has a stranglehold on business. �Comparatively few businesses can navigate the web of regulation and taxation successfully. �I refuse to involve myself in the mess, so I remain a sole proprietorship. �Were I to grow, the friction from the government would increase exponentially.

New topic: a small mistake can be costly. �Recently I inadvertently broke the side mirror on a customer’s Mitsubishi Galant. �That cost me two hours and $30 to repair. �I’m glad that I wasn’t booked solid with jobs that day, so I could take the time to drive to the auto glass shop.

Would the customer have let the average plumber drive off with her car? �Personal attention is the killer app in a sole proprietorship, but I’ve seen plenty of solo guys who tried to run their business as though they were big and impersonal: not answering the phone when they didn’t feel like it, not returning calls, not caring for the customer’s property, not inconveniencing themselves. �Their customers find me eventually.