Diversity is Our Strength

A common slogan I’ve never understood is “diversity is our strength.” It sounds to me more like a faith assumption or a desperate wish. Honestly, would you rather your football team be half female? Would your brain surgeon do a better job if half of his training was in Pakistan?

Would your neighborhood be a richer place if your neighbors married their children to dogs? Well, that certainly goes on among diverse people.

Show me a department of philosophy and religion at a liberal school who wants to diversify their staff by hiring a Fundamentalist who believes all of the Bible. Hah! I may represent typical American Christianity, but there’s no way they’d diversify their faculty that far.


  1. Good show. Diversity among individuals is unavoidable and can be good from the standpoint of serving God, as He gives this gift to one and that gift to another. However, diversity in corporate service to God — be it in a church, a denomination, a missionary organization or a school — weakens. Adding water to the soup pot adds no meat, potatoes or carrots, but only makes less appear more. So does diversity lessen. While it is true that among many counselors there is wisdom, it is equally true that except two be in agreement, they cannot walk together. One thing that separates God from His creation is that He creates something out of nothing. Contrarily, diversity creates nothing out of something. Beware.

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