Elephant Joke

Reader’s Digest (April ’05, p. 168) reprinted this from Outside magazine:

Q: How did elephants come to have trunks?

A: Scientists believe that the trunk developed through natural selection. As Hezy Shoshani, a biology professor at Eritrea’s University of Asmara explains, elephants grew bigger as they evolved. Of course, as they grew away from the ground, they still had to reach down for food. So the trunk was born–probably emerging from the upper lip and nose, to ultimately become the tool elephants use for browsing.

I’m taller than my father was. My son is taller than I, and he will marry this summer. I fear for his children. Since my boy is farther from the ground than I or his grandfather, but his kids will still have to tie their shoes every day (just as he, I, and my father did), Prof. Shoshani’s highly scientific rejection of creationism indicates that my grandchildren should have the beginnings of a trunk emerging from the nose and upper lip. 🙁

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