Fourth Anniversary!

It was four years ago today that I opened Barley Services. Like all startups, I didn’t know what was in store. I didn’t know if the phones would ring. My wife was sure that I was going to run us into bankruptcy.

This fear of the unknown prevents many people from leaving the security of a job and striking out on their own.

My problem most of the time is that my phone rings too much! I often joke when the phone rings, “I wish these people would quit calling me.” I cannot remember when I’ve been caught up with nothing to do. The last time might have been four years ago.

I’ve noticed that successful businessmen like to share their stories and to give advice. Maybe we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. In my case, I really don’t think that I’ve accomplished much of anything in starting and running this business. I just took the step, started, and did my job day by day.

I believe my strategy may be encapsulated thus: I make it easy to do business with me, and hard to choose someone other than me. I try to keep my friendliness and devotion to my customers’ welfare so high, they’d be nuts to go elsewhere.

It’s weird, I know, but I consider the customer more important than myself. I don’t take the attitude “How much money can I make?” My attitude, instead, is “How much can I help this person?”

The money takes care of itself. I don’t make much money, but I’m happier than most of the people who do.

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