Terri Schiavo’s Execution

No water for three days. If they did that to somebody’s pet cat, they’d have their building torn down by raging mobs and their entrails fed to the birds of the air. But they can do it to Terri. Or they think they can.

What was Terri’s crime? Why nothing, of course. If she were a criminal, maybe an axe murderer or something like that, the loonies and lefties would writhe and scream and be out there with candles and signs that say “Not In Our Name.” Instead, since she’s just an innocent white Catholic, they snarl and sneer and say that Bush is just trying to pay back “the Evangelical nutbags” who elected him. (Yeah, I heard it with my own ears on Air America.) They’re happy to see her disposed of.

I’ve often wondered what it would take to get the tree huggers on Terri’s side. Maybe if she were declared to be Florida’s State Vegetable the environmentalists would weigh in.

The case is far from simple, although partisans on both sides believe that it is. Here is an excellent site that covers all of the data in a sane way, as if anyone wants to be sane any more.

I’ll just make a few points:

(1) there are people on record who once appeared to be hopeless and unresponsive, yet they recovered and testify today that they were very aware of all that was going on–but the experts had said that they weren’t! Experts don’t know everything.

(2) Just because Terri is disabled doesn’t mean that it’s okay to kill her. The fact that she cannot eat on her own only places her in the same class as a baby or a quadriplegic. They want to kill her because her brain is damaged and they’re calling the feeding tube “life support” as an excuse.

(3) It’s hard to consider human life sacred without acknowledging God. Let’s face it: if there is no God, “sacred” is just another name for the way somebody feels about something. Atheism (they call it “the separation of church and state”) is coming home to roost in America.

(4) Why kill her with thirst? As I recommended in October, her loving husband Michael could saw off her head in a second or two; no muss, no fuss.

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