Toilet Falls and Hurts Man

Man sues over toilet collapse at rest stop

By Matthew Junker
Friday, March 18, 2005

Scott A. Keller, of Box 46, Everson, says he stopped at the Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass mainline toll plaza in Hempfield Township to use the restroom on May 4, 2003, when the accident occurred.

Keller stated in the lawsuit that he suffered whiplash, along with various other back and neck injuries, when the wall-mounted toilet fell to the floor. He’s seeking an unstated amount in excess of $30,000 for lost work, pain and suffering, and embarrassment and humiliation.

[His lawyer] stated in the filing that the turnpike commission is responsible for the defective quality of the construction, maintenance and repair of the toilet, and should have known it was going to fail and should have warned him.

Sure they should have. “Hey, Keller, that toilet’s gonna fall off the wall. We can’t see it and we know that you can’t see it, but we’re telepathic and we know it’s gonna happen.”

In fact, something like this cannot be seen ahead of time. If a wall-mounted toilet were half-off a wall, nobody would try to sit on it. Obviously that toilet looked perfectly secure. The weak places were inside the wall, totally out of view, and only a visual inspection of the scene of the crime can establish what went wrong. My guess is that the wood in the wall weakened from water or termite damage.

Get over it, Keller. We all have days like that. :hehe:


  1. :hehe:

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