Victory in the Schiavo Case

They finally killed her this morning–or finished killing her, I should say. Ann Coulter described it poignantly (of course): “This week, an indisputably innocent woman will be killed by the government for one reason: Judge Greer of Pinellas County, Fla., ordered it.” Ann went on to say that Greer’s dismissal from his church was based on the “only one God per church” rule.

So there was victory this morning. But for whom? Terri lost. Her parents lost. Most of the malpractice lawsuit award is now gone, so husband Michael loses (besides the additional cost of having millions of people calling him a scumbag forever). Judge Greer looks worse than the liberal caricatures of Justice Taney, who wrote the Dred Scott decision; so Greer lost big time.

Did anybody win? Heh heh, there was one big winner, as always. The lawyers won! Not Terri’s lawyers: they’re on salary from their legal foundation. George Felos and his associates walked off with the lion’s share of the loot.

Husband Michael won over a million dollars in a malpractice lawsuit, testifying that he needed the money to take care of Terri. But, once he started the long effort to kill her, most of it got transferred to the lawyers.

The head lawyer was George Felos, Maharishi Felos pictured here. He’s a new age mystic. Through his psychic powers, handicapped people tell him that they want to die, so he uses the law to get them bumped off, as in the case of Schiavo. Don’t believe me? Read this.

Why does the despising of lawyers reach back to even ancient Egyptian texts 5,000 years old? You don’t find such feelings directed toward, say, policemen. Policemen oppose wrong and work for justice and even kill people sometimes–but there’s no history of hatred for them throughout millennia and across all geographical and cultural lines. But lawyers–ah, that’s a different story.

Well done, Felos. I know your boss is proud.


  1. I must commend you on your insightful updates on this legal travesty. Others have commented already better than I’m able on the various aspects of this case, but I do have a notion as to why lawyers of all stripes and from all ages are, and should be, castigated. Lawyers accept and litigate cases based not on whether those cases are right or wrong, but whether or not they can win them or bill enough hours to make the effort worth their while. This makes the lawyer even less moral than a mercenary soldier or an Old West hired gun, because the lawyer risks not his own life in the bargain, but the lives of others. Don’t be surprised that lawyers are despised. Well they ought to be.

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