Birthday Forecast

So I wake up on my birthday and what do I see in the weather forecast? “Thunderstorms possible.” What a revolting development!

We’ve had a drought in Memphis this year. There was almost no rain in May, and not much to speak of before that. But the last couple of weeks in June saw it rain “right smart” now and then, so things are looking up. (“Right smart” is an expression I learned in the woods of northeast Mississippi.)

Who likes thunderstorms? Well, farmers do. You know, the guys who make it possible for us to eat and not starve to death.

Therefore, on the day when we customarily look back and ask “How did my life turn out this way and will it ever change?” I have to acknowledge that the forecast is, indeed, possible thunderstorms. They’re ugly, they’re sometimes dangerous, but they’re the only way to stay alive. So bring ’em on.