Christmas for Plumbers


Tall in the truck seat we spend Christmas Day
Driving to houses with slow-running drains
Many good gifts will be opened today
Ours is a flush and some wide-open drains

Ordinary people are off work today
Hugging their children and fixing souffles
I’ll hug the toilets, I’ll fix the mains
It’s Christmas; I’m plumbing for wide-open drains

The drive-thru has my Christmas dinner tonight
Truck’s instrument panel is my Christmas tree lights
Jingle Bell Rock’s all my radio plays
It’s Christmas; I’m on call for wide-open drains

* * * * *

Tall in the truck seat I’ve spent Christmas Day
Driving my cables through slow-running drains
So many gifts have been given today
I gave my all for a wide-open drain
It’s Christmas for plumbers and wide-open drains

Kevan C. Barley

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