Falwell and Tinky Winky

Upon the death of Jerry Falwell this week, the editorial cartoonist for the Memphis newspaper dashed off a drawing of Tinky Winky welcoming Falwell into Heaven. The cartoonist, who is well known to be a good artist and deadeningly devoid of creative thinking, was alluding to the uproar of vitriol that was directed at Falwell in 1999 when his magazine stated that Tinky Winky was a homosexual cartoon character.

The magazine was right, and anybody who cared to research it knew that it was right. But nobody cared. They just wanted to hate and vilify Falwell. It’s a lot like the crucifixion of Rush Limbaugh when he said that Donovan McNabb was being overrated (at that time) because the sports media establishment was anxious to see a black quarterback do well. Rush said nothing racist, but it was called racist thousands of times. So with the ridicule of Falwell.

Ann Coulter’s column this week (May 16) gives the quotations and documentation for the mainline media’s statements that Tinky Winky was homosexual. (Of course, they quit saying it when the Falwell business hit the fan.) For instance:

Michael Musto of The Village Voice boasted that Tinky Winky was “out and proud,” noting that it was “a great message to kids” not only that it’s OK to be gay, but the importance of being well accessorized.”

More info appeared in an article on Newsbusters.

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