Imus in the Disposal

Several articles about Don Imus have appeared recently. No two agree in details, but all agree that he is worse than Hitler, Bloody Mary, and James Dobson all rolled into one. That is a tipoff that something is askew in the analyses, but don’t expect many to notice.

I did. I’ve never listened to Imus. I’d heard that he was ugly and I happen to think that the world already provides enough ugliness to last me for a day, so I haven’t sought him out. Then I heard that he’d said something ugly about the Rutgers basketball girls. “So what else is new,” I thought. “Isn’t that what he’s paid to do?” I mean, does anyone pay Don Imus to restrict his speech to acceptable levels of depravity? No, they pay him to be ugly.

Imus was just using the degrading jargon of the black underclass to elaborate on the appearance of the black girls whom he and his partner had observed to be tough and tattoed. He was saying that they looked like the people who typify the culture where such language is used.

I didn’t see the girls. I don’t know what they looked like. I can say, generally speaking, that no one should look like the underclass and expect to be treated as upperclass. But I have no opinion of the girls’ appearances, since I didn’t see them.

The airwaves would be better off without filthy talkers, but I don’t think that’s what the sharks have been after for the past week. I hear them on Air America. They want to silence anyone who refuses to conform to their dictates. Running Imus through the disposal is just a strategy to try to get to Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck.

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