Yeah, right . . .

Larry Craig maintains his innocence and now his kids are joining the chorus:

All three of Craig’s adopted children said Tuesday they believe their father’s assertions he is not gay and did nothing to warrant his arrest.

Jay Craig, 33, told The Associated Press that he, his brother, Michael Craig, 38, and his sister, Shae Howell, 36, spoke candidly with their father about the June 11 arrest.

“Our conclusion was there was no wrongdoing there,” Jay Craig said. “We understood the direction he was taking (by pleading guilty) and there was nothing illegal that happened there that would even convince somebody what he was doing was illegal. He was a victim of circumstance, in the wrong place at the wrong time when this sting operation was going on.”
There are several facts that fly into the face of this defense.

  1. I have read twenty or so homosexual web sites and none of them suggests that Craig’s behavior should be considered innocent or inconsistent with homosexual cruising patterns.
  2. Have you ever been sitting on a public toilet and decided to pick up a scrap of toilet paper lying beside your toilet? Me neither.
  3. The tape of Craig’s interrogation at the police station shows quite obviously that Craig is a liar so bold, so slimy, so pathological, he could run for Congress. Oh, wait . . .

Certainly he could beat the rap if it goes to court. Plenty of guilty people beat raps every day in our court system. The standard of proof there is much higher than in the world of common sense. But in the court of common sense, it is quite obvious to any informed observer that Craig was soliciting sex in a public washroom, and such behavior is rightly proscribed by law.