Zimbabwe Continues Downward

In yet another tribute to the triumph of Communism over the evil white rulers of Rhodesia, the New York Times has reported “Zimbabwe’s government on Wednesday announced 20-hour daily electricity cuts for households across the country as supplies are shifted to irrigate the crucial winter wheat crop amid persistent food shortages.” This country used to produce far more food than it needed, and it exported to other nations.

I suspect that Air America has figured out a way to blame this on President Bush.


  1. David Blyth says

    I live on a small farm north of Pretoria, South Africa.
    We are about 400 km from Zim.
    In June last year (’06), a woman approached me on me, asking permission for herself and her sister to harvest the grass for thatching (which is a popular roofing material here).
    As she spoke English, I asked here where she was from.
    She told me that she was from Zimbabwe.
    My wife, seeing that they had worked solidly from early in the morning until late afternoon, took them food and drink.
    From her conversation with the Zimbabweans, she found that they were teachers and had to come to SA to perform menial work to support their families at home.
    When they completed their work and had sold their thaching, the teacher asked permission to return in 2007.
    Last month they returned and went through the same process.
    One may read news, but when the consequences of politics visit your home, one can only conclude that reports of pverty in Zimbabwe are not inaccurate.
    Although Zim has had many murders of farmers, we in SA have had many more such murders. The government has done little to resolve the breakdown of law here.