How About Another Round?

Momentum is building for a fresh dose of economic stimulants to boost the country out of the doldrums – perhaps by putting more money in Americans’ pockets. The White House said Monday that President Bush was open to some sort of action after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned the slump could drag on without the extra bracing tonic.

Ah, yes, stimulants! There’s nothing like a dose of stimulants to improve your health, right? Some bennies here, some speed there, maybe a dexy or two if available. The healthiest people you know are speed freaks, aren’t they?

Good old Ben Bernanke, always ready to prescribe a “bracing tonic.” According to this AP news story today, Bernanke endorsed the need for a fresh and “significant” round of government action. They’re going to put “more money in Americans’ pockets,” are they? And just where do they propose to get this money they want to put in Americans’ pockets? It wouldn’t be from Americans’ pockets now, would it? After all, last week, the Treasury Department announced it would inject up to $250 billion in U.S. banks in return for partial ownership. Injection is the most direct way to feel the effects of the stimulant. But where do they get the substance they’re injecting? They get it from the very body they’re injecting it into, duh! It’s like an IV that takes blood out of one arm and feeds it into the other.

Somebody snapped a photo of what Ben Bernanke was thinking when he came up with this nonsense:

Bernanke Thinking

His economic IQ was registered on the meter, as well.

I wish he would refrain from calling for another round unless he’s picking up the tab.