Obama Is Outraged?

Q: How can you tell when a politician is lying?

A: Check to see if his lips are moving.

Okay, it’s an old joke and you’ve already heard it, but I just can’t resist. Today Obama claims he is outraged by his pastor’s worldview, and he carefully and thoroughly explains how he could have this dude as a pastor for twenty years and only just now realize the problems with him.

Obama is obviously sincere and obviously outraged and obviously just like you and me, so let’s just forget about Pastor Jeremiah Wright and vote for Obama.

Sorry, Barry; no dice. If it takes you twenty years and three press conferences to figure out that your pastor is a white-America-hating Marxist, you’re just too stupid to be the Democrat nominee.

In fact, however, Barry isn’t stupid at all. He’s very bright, and he’s a politician.