Obama’s “Pig” Remark

The double entendre is a well-known and easily-detected literary device, as old as language itself. The speaker may claim that he was talking about referent A, but “everyone” knows he was intending B. That’s why Obama’s audience laughed uproariously when he referred to Sarah Palin as a pig.

He denies the double entendre, exactly like any other liar would, but it is sickening to watch him and his sycophants pretend that they expect us to actually believe him. Any gullible readers who disagree with me should consider these examples:

If McCain were to tell a joke about a monkey who wanted to be king, and his audience laughed uproariously, would anybody doubt that he was making a veiled reference to Obama?

If McCain made it a point in every speech to refer to the Democrat party as niggardly, and the crowd laughed uproariously on cue, would anybody doubt that he was making a pun on the word “nigger”?

Obama stinks; not because his best attack against his opponent is to call Governor Palin a pig with lipstick, but because he insults us all by denying with a straight face that he did it. A politician needs to be a good liar–someone you can believe in, like Bill Clinton. Obama just isn’t up to the job.