Obama’s Preacher

Obama’s preacher is nothing new. That guy is a proponent of Black Theology, a noxious ideology I was privileged to learn about while studying for my first master’s degree. The greatest mass murderers in history have been animated by Marxism. It is, at root, evil. And Black Theology is “Marxism for Blacks” and hatred for Whites. That’s why Obama’s preacher sounds so evil.

Of course, to Obama, that preacher is okay. That’s why Obama went to his church for twenty years. Did you notice how Obama schmoozed the whole affair today? “My preacher said some wrong things, but so has my white grandmother. Besides, it’s white folks’ fault that my preacher is so angry.”

From giddy comments I’ve seen here and there by people praising the speech, I perceive that Obama has blown a lot of smoke in their eyes. To clear away the smoke, just imagine a comparable situation involving a conservative candidate–oh, like Mike Huckabee. Create the scenario in your mind, identify the characters and what they said, imagine the public attempt to schmooze it all over. Then ask yourself how giddy all the chattering groupies would be.

Heh heh. They’d hang him so fast, they’d have rope burns on their hands.

Obama is nothing new, either. I have made a hobby out of listening to black talk shows on the radio here in Memphis, and otherwise decent people will lose all their good sense when it comes to their resentment of whites. It’s positively amazing to hear what they say when they don’t think whitey is listening. I recommend that you tune in and hear it for yourself. Then you’ll understand why Obama attends that nuthouse of a church and why millions of people see nothing wrong with it.

I like Obama. I’ve been hoping that he’d get the Democratic nomination, mostly because I think he’d be easier to beat, but also because I think he’s a better person than Hillary is. Who came up with these tapes of his preacher? If it was conservatives, I think they made a horrible misstep. This could tank his campaign and throw the nomination to Hillary.