Reasons to Vote for Obama

Obama voters are proving that the presidential election is a farce.

Example #1, The Howard Stern Interviews Last week the nation was treated to repeated excerpts from the Howard Stern show in which Obama voters in Harlem claimed that they chose Obama because of his positions on the issues. Then the interviewer asked “Do you favor him more for his pro-life position or because he wants to keep the troops in Iraq and finish the job?” (These, obviously, are the opposite from Obama’s positions.) The Harlemite would answer “Because he wants to keep the troops in Iraq.” “And Obama’s choice of Sarah Palin for a running mate, do you think she’ll make a good vice-president?” The answer was “Yes, I think she’ll do a good job. I support him on that.”

Example #2, The Memphis Commercial Appeal ran a front page story about a 106-year-old black woman who early-voted, and it was the first time in her entire life that she had ever voted in an election. Everyone gushed about how great it was. Does anyone think she knows one clear thing about Obama’s positions, or even what the executive branch of the national government is responsible for? Why is she now voting for the first time in her life?

Example #3, A black talk show host here in Memphis encourages everyone to get out and vote for Obama, even though Tennessee’s electoral votes are safely McCain’s. During the bailout debate, a woman called in and asked, “Don’t the Department of the Treasury print money?” The host replied, “Yes ma’m, they do.” She then pontificated, “Then why don’t they just print up their $700 billion theyselves instead a’ layin’ it on the back of the taxpayers?” His answer was “I don’t know. It sounds like a good idea to me.” These people, to a man, are voting for Obama.

Example #4: I was working for three hours in the home of a very nice old black lady and, while collecting my $117, I pointed to the news program on the television and asked, “Well, are you gonna vote for Obama?” She answered yes, because he and his wife seem like good people, he seems very smart, and she likes the idea that he is young and energetic.

Why are the Harlemites voting for him? Why is the 106-year-old lady voting for him? Why are the people who think you can print up billions of dollars for free voting for him? Why is the nice old lady voting for him? You decide.