About the Blogger

I’m just an ordinary plumber with two master’s degrees and a PhD. Sometimes people at church call me Dr. Barley, but how many doctors actually make house calls any more? Besides, I’m different from regular doctors because I guarantee my work.

Politically I’m just a garden-variety right wing extremist. I voted for Peroutka, I listened to Air America radio, I read Southern Partisan magazine and books like Rius’s Marxism for Beginners, Weaver’s Ideas Have Consequences, and Pinkwater’s The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death. Pretty much what you’d expect from a Fundamentalist Christian banjo picker.

A friend has said that the unspoken theme of my blogging has been “What’s stupid about the world today?” That seems a little unkind. I’d rather like to think that we could call it “Opportunities for improvement” or something like that. But whatever its label, I was a plumber and I know sewage when I see it, and I’m not afraid to point it out when it seems advisable.