About Pricing

First I’ll give you the bottom line: I’m cheaper than nearly everybody else. If that’s enough information for you, read no further.

You won’t find an actual price list on these pages. Problems differ from house to house, and trying to pre-establish prices usually means that the customer will get the short end of the stick.

I don’t charge for a “service call.” Instead, I charge for solving problems. Most of my invoices are for $100. Some are for $165-$200. I discuss prices in a little more detail elsewhere on this web site, such as the pages for water heaters, drain cleaning, etc.

Let me describe to you how pricing is taught to the servicemen at some plumbing companies. The service tech is told to quote a high price and see how the customer responds. If the customer says yes, that’s good; but if he says no, then the tech is supposed to drop the price a little and try to sell it to the customer again. The service tech is taught that the customer’s perception is all that really matters. If the customer thinks he’s gotten a fair price, then it is a fair price–even if it is double what somebody else paid!

At Barley Services you get one price up front: the real one. No haggling, no “discounts,” no deception. You might as well accept my price quote; your chances of finding a better one are slim to none 🙂