Tradesmen I Recommend

Am I afraid of the competition? Certainly not! Why should I be afraid of them if they can’t really compete with me at all? Who else can offer such high quality at such a low price?

(I just put in that paragraph in case one of my friends is snooping around on my web site.)

Fact of life #1: I can’t please everybody. Fact of life #2: I can’t be two places at once. Fact of life #3: some jobs I just can’t do. For any number of perfectly good reasons, you may need to call someone else. My entire business philosophy is helping people, and I’m happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

George Lambert 461.6405
Rooter Man 371.0940

Dave Schenk 268.7833
Eddie Stanford 533.5830

Air Conditioning & Heating:
Jeff Jackson 331.5318
Bobby Givens 277.4836

Glen Ellis 216.4799

Hardwood Flooring:
Michael McElwee 848.0632

Carpet & Vinyl:
Jack McKee 369.0277

Lawn Spraying:
Wayne Murley 489.4889